The 5 Summer Shoe Basics

Minimising the number of shoes that I own is on my to do list…says no-one ever! Even though I find myself spending an extra 10 minutes getting ready looking for shoes! Somehow, they always seem to be buried under pairs I don’t wear.

So I got to thinking about this Summer and how I can avoid the shoe hunt! My answer… *drum roll* creating and sticking to a what I call a “Summer Minimal Shoe Wardrobe”. Does this involve getting rid of all my beautiful shoes?! Of course not! 

The 5 Summer Shoe Basics - WordPress.jpg

Instead, I’ve chosen 5 pairs of shoes that I know I always wear and I packed the rest away in a box. An easy-to-reach box of course, but still out of the way. 5 pairs of shoes for the whole of Summer may seem like a stretch, but we often tend to wear the same shoes over and over again without noticing.

Whether you’re like me, trying out the minimal shoe wardrobe, or wondering what your Summer shoe collection should look like, my top five picks is a great place to start. What are they? Well, they’re my Summer classics:

  • Espadrilles
  • Flat sandal
  • Heeled sandal
  • Flats/pumps
  • Heeled pump

In no particular order, let’s go through the top 5 must have shoes for Summer. Owning these shoes will really be all you need or be a great start to blossoming shoe collection!


Usually worn to work or on weekends, heeled pumps in a neutral colour goes well with any outfit. Make sure the pair you buy is comfortable. You may end wearing it often because of it’s versatility. It’s invaluable and perfect for times when you can’t decide on which pair of shoes to wear!


Heeled pumps are great in a bold colour and print as well. Here are some outfit inspirations from Pinterest to get you going!



The blocked heel sandal is trending this Summer. I love that it has a casual feel yet it is still able to make an outfit stand out. It’s really versatile and a great basic to add to your shoe collection.


A simple, yet chic outfit – Pair the perfect white tee, skinny jeans and a leather belt matching these strappy block heel sandals. A classic tote, great hair and natural make-up completes the effortless look.



How amazing are these espadrilles?! I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them! I love the print, it’s perfect for Summer. Espadrilles never go out of style. you’ll always find a pair or two…in my case…or three!melissa-espadrille

Many people opt to wear trendy sneakers with everything from skirts to dresses. For me, espadrilles are the way to go if you’re looking for chic comfort. Don’t you agree? Could you picture the outfits below with sneakers? Apart from the jeans, I can’t seem to.


Of course, Summer will never be complete without the perfect flat sandals. In my opinion owning a pair of sandals made from genuine leather is the way to go! I realised it’s value when I my aunt passed on her leather sandals to me. It’s more than 30 years old and it’s the most comfortable shoes I own, it still looks great and it’s very special to me. Every time I wear it, I think of her.


When it comes to flat sandals – spend money on a great pair, it never goes out of style!


You get those Summer days when you’re just not into sharing your toes with the world…I have those days for sure and flat pumps are just what I need. I prefer fun bold flats. Why? I love wearing neutral clothing and slipping on flats with some personality is a perfect way to elevate your look from average to fashionable in 30 seconds!alchemy-slipper

I’m so loving these gold flats, but bold colours or print are just as beautiful. Even though metallics are trending rite now, gold and silver will always be in style. They are timeless.

Are you feeling up to the Minimal Summer Shoe Wardrobe challenge? Oh yeah!

If you’re pumped to minimise your shoes, perhaps you’ll have some energy left to organise your wardrobe maybe? I’m pushing it, aren’t I?!

Until next time, stay stylish!



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