How to find the perfect white tee for you

Aaaah, the perfect white tee everyone talks about! The truth is, there can only be a perfect white tee for YOU. Because we’re all so unique, I’ve put together some tips on what to look out for when shopping for it. You could totally reuse these tips to find other tops too!

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So why is everyone obsessed about finding the perfect white tee? It’s versatile and timeless, a wardrobe chameleon, if you will. It can be styled to suit any occasion and I’ll show you how in another blog post sometime *wink* But first! We have to find the perfect white tee for YOU!

A white tee isn’t limited to the classic style we know i.e. short sleeves, sits on the waist, fitted. There are more options and styles to choose from and 3 easy steps to finding one that suits you perfectly!

Classic white tee

H&M classic white tee

There are 3 easy steps…

Step 1

Knowing the the right shade of white is key to narrowing down your options. There is pure white and off white (shades of white).

Colours often considered “shades of white” include a very light neutral grey, cream, eggshell, ivory, navajo white, and vanilla.

All these shades are very similar, but it’s very simple to idenitfy and remember which shades would suit you.

The right shade of white for you depends on which skin tone you are, warm or cool. What’s your skin tone? Our colour quiz will help you find out!

Warm skin tone

People with warm skin tones look better in off white shades. Why? Off white shades have a yellow undertone which warm skin tones are highlighted by.

Cool skin tone

People with cool skin tones look better in pure white and the neutral grey shade of white. Why? White and grey are the key neutrals for cool skin tones.

Step 2

Finding a tee that suits your body shape is super important. There are 5 main body shapes – inverted triangle, rectangle, apple, triangle and hour glass. Have a look at your beautiful self in a full length mirror (preferably in your underwear/tight clothing) and decide which of these body shapes is closest to yours.

The most flattering tees for your body type are:

  • Inverted triangle – V neckline and relaxed fit that skims the waist area. Softer fabrics. Wear untucked. Avoid puffed sleeves and wide collars with style detail e.g. ruffles.
  • Rectangle Straight or semi fitted styles. Tapers at the hemline. Soft fabrics. Longer tees worn untucked are more flattering.
  • AppleStraight styles with wide collars, yokes. Longer tees. Wear untucked. Avoid raglan sleeves or halter tops.
  • TriangleSemi fitted styles with yokes or wide collars and curved hemlines (lower at the front, higher at the sides) either above or below hips, not in between. Avoid raglan sleeves or halter tops. Stick to softer fabrics.
  • HourglassFitted in soft fabrics. Strong shoulder detail is a bonus (but not necessary). Wear tucked in.

Wearing your tees untucked is a great way to hide your Winter belly. Another great way is to accessorise – wear earrings, bold necklaces or scarves above the bust line to draw the eye upwards.

Step 3

Shop the options! Seasons come and go, but white tees are everywhere, always! I like to think of a white tee as a blank canvas. So my advice to you is to shop for a style that is simple and timeless and personalise it with accessories. That way you’ll get the most wear out of it and can style it for every occasion.

Here are some white tees I’ve seen around this season that I thought you might like…

While you’re in tee shopping mode, be sure to check out our shopping tips for blouses that add cm’s to your height for some extra tips.

Did you find this post helpful? Please leave a comment a below 🙂

Until next time, stay stylish!






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