4 easy steps to organise your wardrobe

Many of us struggle to organise our wardrobe but when it’s streamlined, it saves time and the best part…it makes space for new clothes!

Before we start, you will need 1 helper for support and objectivity; and 3 piles “Fix it”, “I’m not ready” and “Toss”.

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Step 1 Tattered clothing

Toss any tattered clothes that cannot be repaired. If it looks dead…it fit’s into this category! I’m talking about clothes that are faded, stretched, has holes, tears, iron marks etc. Basically, if it’s had it’s funeral but you forgot to bury it, it’s time to let it R.I.P… in the “Toss” pile, no matter how comfortable it is.

However, if you really think it’s worth fixing (based on the judgement of your helper of course) and you believe that you’ll get around to it, put it in the “Fix it” pile and make a date with your tailor or seamstress. If you haven’t gotten around to it in 6 months…toss it.

Step 2 Poor fit

It’s either too small or too big and doesn’t compliment your body shape!

Usually, it’s too small. You believe you’ll wear them again and I believe you will too! In this instance, you have to go through the same process (Step 1 to Step 4) for your goal weight wardrobe and box it, apart from 3 items that you can use for motivation!

If for whatever reason, you’re hanging onto clothes that are too big for you, you have two options (assuming that it passed Step 1 of course), either it goes to the “Fix it” pile or “Toss” pile.

Step 3 Do you like it?

Life is too short to wear clothes that you’re not crazy about! Do yourself a favor and put it in the “Toss” pile. It’s important to have clothing that fits your personal style in colours that compliment your skin tone and makes you feel good about yourself. As L’Oreal would say – Because you’re worth it!

Step 4 I’m not ready

Whatever items you’re not sure you want to get rid of, put it in the “I’m not ready” pile and box it. If 6 months go by and you haven’t opened these boxes for anything, toss it. Really try limit these boxes though, after all, we are trying to create space.

The “Toss” Exception

There is one exception…and only one…if it’s sentimental, like a wedding dress, a graduation top etc. you may keep it, but limit these to no more than 5 items.

Great news, the struggle is over! By now, you will have no tattered, ill-fitting clothing or items that don’t compliment your style in your wardrobe! Although a tough process, you’re feel 10 times lighter and your “Toss” pile will help people in need.

Here’s to space for new clothes and the time you’re going to save with you organised wardrobe!

Happy Spring cleaning!

7 thoughts on “4 easy steps to organise your wardrobe

  1. nuri says:

    Good advice !!! be free of becoming a potential horder.I can’t understand why we hold onto clothing that we wore in 19……. And may never wear again you so right ! Don’t fool yourself ladies! If its ancient toss!!! The universe want you to feel good and look good.
    It’s time have that warm fussy feel of quality and not quantity.
    The cliche saying *less is more.*.


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