5 easy steps for a natural makeup look

I’ve put a little video together showing you 5 easy steps to do a natural makeup look. I love this look because it’s very simple and quick to do and it enhances your natural beauty. It’s great for an everyday day time look and perfect for summer vacays!

Before After

All you need are 5 makeup essentials

  1. Face-powder (matching your skin tone) or tinted moisturizer
  2. Blush (remember your blush brush)
  3. Eye liner
  4. Mascara
  5. Lip gloss

“Howto” video

Soooo, this video was recorded at 6:30am…which is super duper early for me lol excuse the lack of energy, I was practically still asleep!


Hope you enjoyed my makeup tip!

Until next week, stay stylish!



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