The Minimalist Mom Makeover (8 Week Style Bootcamp)

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Are you a mom struggling to connect who you were before kids to the person you are after kids?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to reconnect with yourself through discovering your unique personal style and curating effortlessly stylish looks in just 8 weeks, so that you can feel confident and beautiful and be the best version of you for yourself and your family.

Did you know the average woman stresses about what to wear and spends 17 minutes each day deciding on an outfit? Accepting this mission will not only make getting dressed enjoyable and make you feel confident, it will also help you save 5 months over your lifetime to do with what you please. 

By the end of the program, you will have your own unique personal style, you will save money by avoiding regret purchases and knowing exactly how to choose clothes that best suit your body type, skin tone, personality and lifestyle.

Imagine 8 weeks from now waking up in the morning and in just a few seconds, happily choosing a stylish outfit from your organised wardrobe you absolutely adore. Looking at yourself in the mirror, your outfit accentuates your best features making you feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in your own skin. You love what you see and you feel like you agai. With your new found confidence, you feel like you can do anything! And the compliments you receive, WOW, you can’t stop smiling. 

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Here’s what The Minimalist Mom Makeover Bootcamp is all about

The Mom Makeover Bootcamp is an 8 week 1:1 consulting program for moms that include 3 modules:


Create your unique style blueprint and know exactly what style and colour clothing suit you best, so that you can easily and quickly shop for clothing and create outfits for any occasion that show off your best features and make you feel beautiful and confident. This blueprint summarizes all you need to know to completely change your style and image whenever you want to for years to come.

SESSION 1 Introduction (Week 1 Questionnaire)

SESSION 2 Know your body and face shape (Week 1)

SESSION 3 Know your best colours (Week 2)

SESSION 4 Discover your unique personal style (Week 3)

SESSION 5 Create your ultimate style uniform (Week 3)


Learn the ultimate 3 step process to declutter your wardrobe quickly and easily. Finally, have an organised wardrobe with clothing items that compliment you. Have all your clothing items visible and easily accessible allowing you to put together the perfect look in minutes.

SESSION 1 Declutter and organise your wardrobe (Week 4 and Week 5)

SESSION 2 Build your dream wardrobe (Week 6 – Essentials, shopping list & shopping guide)


Learn the art of creating amazing outfits from fewer clothing items that bring out your best features. Look and feel beautiful in what you wear every day and get the confidence boost you need to live your best life and be the best version of yourself for you and your family.

SESSION 1 The outfit formula (Week 7 Includes styling i.e. accessories and style details)

SESSION 4 How to make your style inspiration work for you (Week 7)

SESSION 5 How to make the most out of your wardrobe (Week 8) 

SESSION 6 Your complete “style yourself” guide (Week 8)

BONUS (Beta program/early bird registration) 1 Client creates 7 outfits for the week and have it reviewed in 1:1 coaching call (week 9 and week 10)

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In the program you will receive

1. Weekly 1:1 consulting calls where we complete worksheets together 

This is not just another short course or book on personal styling that leaves the implementation all up to you. We have weekly 1:1 calls to provide the hands-on support you need to finally transform your wardrobe and get you feeling great in your own skin. 

2. Interactive worksheets

Each session of the course will have an interactive worksheet that we will complete together so that you can have a complete style report at the end of the program that you can use over and over again to completely change your style and image on a whim. 

3. Your Unique Style Blueprint 

You will get a customised style blueprint unique to you which outlines the exact style & colour clothing you should wear for your body shape, skin tone and lifestyle so that you can begin building your dream wardrobe filled with outfits for every occasion that show off your best features and make you feel great every day.

4. An organised wardrobe

Learn a simple process to declutter your wardrobe and get the organised wardrobe you have always wanted. No more wasting time digging in your wardrobe to find the clothing and finally start enjoying your wardrobe.

5.  Customised shopping guide

You will get a customised shopping guide that outlines the exact clothing items in the style and colours you need to fill the gaps in your dream wardrobe. You will be able to confidently shop for the best clothing for you and never waste money again on buying items that don’t look good on you or you will never wear.

5. 50+ Outifits 

Learn the tips and tricks to put amazing outfits together for any occasion. You will know exactly how to dress and style yourself and finally know how to recreate an outfit from your style inspiration that looks good on you! No more stressing about what to wear the night before, no more fretting and wasting time in the morning trying to find something to wear.

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