3 wardrobe colour combos you must try for Summer

I’ve found that when we wear black we tend to stick to the same outfits and don’t really give the rest of our wardrobe a chance. If you checked me out on Instagram lately I’ve challenged everybody to wear bright colours instead.

So what do we do when black isn’t an option? Try wearing two bold shades together for a fresh Summer look. Ok, it may be tough and I’m the first to admit that black is my go-to, but the great feedback I’ve received from the challenge really makes it worth a try!


Try the “no black” wardrobe challenge for a few days. You’ll be surprised to discover new outfits in your existing wardrobe. When we move away from what we are used to, we get ourselves thinking out of the box – that’s when innovation happens!

If you’re ready to have fun with colour, try my 3 favourite colour combo’s.


This dark purple cross over dress, army green loose trench coat and tan court shoe is perfect for the office. You can also rock it to a party with a strappy gold sandal and gold dangly earrings.

Here are all the different shades of purple and green you can try together.

Not sure how? Here are my favourite combinations:

  • Mint Green and Lavender
  • Emerald Green and Plum
  • Seafoam Green and Lilac



This look is great for a party.This red modern dress shirt and cerise accessories make for a chic look. Turn this into an everyday outfit with flat pink sandals and tote bag. If this colour combo is too much for you, tone it down with an item in denim or a neutral shade.

Here are all the different shades of red and pink you can pair together. Try avoid pairing shades of red and pink that are too similar. Choose a pink and red with an apparent contrast to make a style statement like a Rose Red and Pink combo or a Crimson Red and Hot Pink combo.

Other shades of red and pink you can try are:

  • Red and Pink
  • Blush Red and Salmon Pink
  • Mahogany Red and Rosewood Pink



Often the only different shades of blue in our wardrobes comes from the multiple pair of jeans that we own. This is not the kind of blue clothing I’m talking about. The cobalt blue statement culotte by David Tlale is what I’m talking about!

For a bold Summer office look, pair the culotte with a bright yellow blouse (worn tucked in),  white waterfall blazer and statement heels.

For a more relaxed look, get rid of the blazer and heels and opt for flat sandals and messy bun.

Blue and orange are usually worn together, but blue and yellow packs a heavier fashion punch. Here are the different shades of each colour you can wear together.

Other shades of blue and yellow you can try are:

  • Sky Blue and Lemon Yellow
  • Navy Blue and Gold Yellow
  • Denim Blue and Mustard Yellow


Apart from wearing bold colours together, you can also wear different shades of the same colour together. Wearing different shades of the same colour makes a unique style statement and is also known to make people look taller.

If colour blocking isn’t your thing, add colour to your look subtly with accessories like scarves, nails, lipstick or other accessories. For example, picture a white tailored dress with a yellow statement earrings and a killer pair of blue heels.

The great thing about fashion is that you can always customise it to your personal style. So think outside the box and enjoy!

Until next time, stay stylish.



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