A birthday surprise on the ocean

I planned 3 days on the ocean as a surprise 30th birthday gift for my husband, Simon. I wanted to do something he’d never done before and that he’d remember, something he’d love! He loves wildlife, I thought…nope, I’m not camping! He loves the ocean and boats…mmm…what can I do with that? A cruise!

I found a 3 night cruise on the MSC Sinfonia from Durban to the Portuguese Island! Continue reading

A city girl in the wild…my first camping trip

I was really looking forward to my 5 days off and anticipated a relaxing week with a couple of hours free to be creative and work on my designs.

Alas, my husband, Simon, had other plans…I remember my eyes widen and my heart start thumping when he suggested camping. He’s eyes lit up as he told me he booked 4 days at Nylsvley Nature Reserve in Limpopo…He wasn’t referring to glamping… It was real camping, apart from the flushing toilet *Phew!* no warm water, no electricity, no chalet…or bed. Continue reading