3 thoughtful gifts for the one you love

Welcome to the month of love! For those of you who don’t celebrate Valentines Day, these three gift ideas are great for anniversaries as well!


Coupon book

I gifted my husband a coupon book for our first wedding anniversary. The gift had to be paper so I decided to make it a little interesting. There were 12 coupons, one for each month of the year. What were the coupons for? Well, I made each coupon for something that I knew he would love i.e. A day to trip to the Magaliesburg mountains for a hike, a canoeing adventure, a week off from doing chores, you get the idea!

What’s fun about it is that you have something to look forward to every month and it’s a lovely way to say “I love you” to your special person all year around.

Photo shoot

This was probably my favorite, because we made a photo book out of our pictures that we still enjoy today! I gifted this to my hubba dubs for our first dating anniversary, he must have loved it, because we got engaged soon after *giggle*

Last but not least

I can’t count how many times romantic dinners at home were better than anything we’ve done. There’s something special about preparing a meal together while joking and teasing each other. The most simple moments make the best memories. Having dinner at home, doesn’t mean it’s not special. We go all out, candles, special dinner sets, background music and of course a great outfit!

These gifts are tried and tested on my hubby dearest, so I recommend them to you with great confidence, enjoy!

I would love to hear your ideas too! Leave a comment!

Until next week, stay stylish.



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