Spring/Summer 2016 trend report (PART 1)

I love knowing what’s going on in the fashion world, but I don’t religiously adopt every trend shown on the cat walk. My style philosophy is to find a style you love and add a trend or two (that you’re crazy about) to keep your style fresh.

That said, this wouldn’t be a style/fashion blog if I didn’t keep you up to date! Now that the major fashion events are over for the Spring/Summer 2016 (SS16) season, I looked to Vogue to confirm the trends I’ve noticed on international runways. There are 12 major trends, too many to include, so I’ll split the load. Here’s the first 6!


Photo 2015-11-12, 6 44 52 PM

Photo cred: Vogue (left Celine Phoebe Philo, right Alexander Wang)

It seems to be fashionable to wear you nightie out in public *giggle* There are some exquisite designs from Celine Phoebe Philo and Alexander Wang, but for me personally, it’s too exquisite for the outdoors.


Photo cred: Vogue (left Burberry, right Saint Laurent)

However, I do love the designs by Saint Laurent and  Burberry. I would definitely wear them, somehow with a petticoat and a bra of course. Where I would wear these beauties too, I’m not sure, but either way, they are totally stunning!

Old and new

Photo 2015-11-12, 6 45 37 PM

Photo cred: Vogue (left Gucci, right Dries Van Noten)

Mixing modern with vintage design detail is another trend. The likes of Gucci and Dries Van Noten paired beautiful pieces together to make a great show. For everyday wear, I would pair each designer item with a simple piece and let it have its moment. I love this trend, it really gives versatility and gives you an opportunity to revive items that you already own that may seem dated.

Simple femininity

This trend is all about feminine dresses worn simply. Tossled hair, flats and minimal accessories. It’s very relaxed and all about the dress and it’s very easy to pull off day to day, which I love! I’m all about easy to wear pieces.

Photo 2015-11-12, 6 46 37 PM

Photo cred: Vogue (left Gucci, right Zac Posen)

My favourite designs are from Gucci and Zac Posen. Gucci – I love the delicate fabric with the gold and red detail. Although its dark it has a very feminine look. Zac posen – The colour and flowy bottom adds beautiful femininity without affecting the strong structure of the design.


Photo 2015-11-12, 6 55 49 PM

Phot cred: Vogue (Tom Ford)

Sequins and sparkly fabric are the order of the day! Although I’m not one for too much shine, there are definitely some eye catching designs! If you want to embrace this trend but not go over the top, the best way is to choose one sparkly piece to wear, like a camisole, shoes, clutch and keep the rest of your look simple. Still too much for you? Try metallic nails and eye make-up for the right amount of sparkle.

The body part of the moment

Photo 2015-11-12, 6 50 22 PM

Photo cred: Vogue (left Boss, middle The Row, right Rag and Bone)

Shoulders! This is such a beautiful trend and so many designs that I love! With great difficulty I narrowed it down to 3 favourites. I absolutely adore the timeless pieces from The Row and Boss, it has the vintage feel that I adore! Rag and Bone was also one of my favourites, simple, comfortable yet sexy. If you’re conservative like me, bare shoulders would be too out there, but I would definitely consider a blouse that cover the shoulders with shear fabric like lace or chiffon.


Photo 2015-11-12, 6 50 48 PM

Photo cred: Vogue (left Off-White, right Alexander Mcqueen)

For me denim will always be apart of my style. I absolutely love jeans and it seems like the fashion world does too. Designers did lots of new detail with denim. My favourites are Alexander Mcqueen and Off-White. I don’t think you need any tips from me here *wink* we all have tons of denim in our wardrobe, I’m sure!

We’ve come to the end of the first 6 trends, see you next week for the final 6.

Until then, stay stylish!



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