Spring/Summer 2016 trend report (Part 2)

We’ve come to the last 6 trends for Spring/Summer 2016 and I’m excited to share them with you! As I mentioned in our last post, Spring/Summer 2016 trend report (Part 1), I feel your personal style will always trump a trend. That said, it’s great to add a trend or two that you love, to spice up your wardrobe and keep it exciting!

Here are the final 6, confirmed by Vogue!

Tiers and truffles

Vogue calls it Latin class. We are very familiar with tiers and truffles in the usual sense, cotton tiered skirts and truffled shirts. I adore the designs by Michael Kors and Oscar De La Renta. The sophisticated use of tiers by Oscar de la Renta and the combination of tiers and truffles by Michael Kors, I adore. They’ve used these design details in a very modern, minimalist way, which I love!

Photo cred: Vogue (left Oscar de la Renta, right Michael Kors)

It’s time to dig out those chiffon ruffled shirts and long tiered skirts that you haven’t worn for ages *giggle* Tiers and truffles create volume so remember to pair it with a fitted piece to maintain a flattering silhouette i.e. ruffled shirt with pencil skirt or skinny jeans or long tiered skirt with a fitted tee.

Do or Dye

I associate tie dye with my school days. It was a huge trend and mostly came in over-sized tees. Just when you thought tie dye couldn’t be modernised, Narciso Rodriguez, Thakoon and Emilio Pucci did just that! Their designs are simple, beautiful and has really changed the way I see tie dye.

Photo cred: Vogue (left Thakoon, middle Narciso Rodriguez and right Emilio Pucci)

Wearing tie dye pieces is not for everyone, but if you would like to play with this trend with bits at a time, try wearing tie dye scarves as an accessory. You could wear it as a headband, around your neck or as a belt with a skirt or jeans.

Silver silver silver

I love silver and it’s great to see on runways. It’s more subtle to wear than gold and many people prefer it for that reason. Loewe, Maison Margiela and Victoria Beckham showed silver in very different ways. I adore the trench suit from Maison Margiela and the simplicity by Victoria Beckham. Loewe, very out there, showed a shattered glass trouser!

Photo cred: Vogue (left Loewe, middle Maison Margiela and right Victoria Beckham)

Silver trousers, jackets/blazers and shoes are items I would totally wear, but if this is too much for you, pieces with silver details are a win too! Tees with silver prints, clutch bags or silver jewelry will add subtle touches of this trend to your wardrobe.

Street wise

When I think about street style, I think edgy, practical and comfortable. My favourite looks were from Baja and Diesel. Baja, I love those pants and long cardy, the soft colour and flowy silhouette, a refreshing take on the usual street style. Diesel, leather vest *drool* and I love those jeans.

Photo cred: Vogue (left Baja, right Diesel)

Today, street style can really be anything you want it to be. It has evolved from jeans, leather, sneakers, bomber jackets to any out-of-the-box styles you see on the street. With it’s new meaning, you’re probably already rocking this trend. If you want to stick to the traditional take on street style, add leather items to your look, apart from your handbag, throw in a bomber jacket, cool jeans and stylish sneakers.

All about the arms

The last time I wore sleeves this puffy, I was a little girl wearing crocheted socks. Puffy sleeves are back and JW Anderson, Celine and Lanvin are making them a much loved trend for me!

Photo cred: Vogue (left JW Anderson, middle Celine, right Lanvin)

Don’t hesitate in getting blouses or shirts with some arm volume. Whatever you choose, remember to get pieces that stay true to your style and compliment your wardrobe. To make this trend flattering, ensure that the bodice of the shirt or blouse you choose to wear has a flattering shape to it. You don’t want volume on your arms and your waist.

Stripe it up

Stripes are still on trend. Personally, it will always be! It’s just about finding new ways to use them in my designs. My favourites are from *drumroll* Max Mara, Dolce and Gabbana and Salvatore Ferragamo. I love the bold yellow in Max Mara’s design, the beautiful green and the silhouette of the shirt dress from Dolce and Gabbana and finally the use of horizontal and vertical stripes from Salvatore.

Photo cred: Vogue (left Salvatore Ferragamo, middle Dolce and Gabbana, right Max Mara)

Even though Max Mara’s design is flawless, horizontal stripes especially in yellow are not for everyone. Horizontal stripes are more complimentary on smaller frames. Vertical stripes are more complimentary on larger frames. The size of the stripe should also be in proportion to your frame. Larger stripes drown smaller frames and compliment larger frames. Remember, when choosing the right stripe, the silhouette of the clothing item must compliment your body shape to get the most flattering look.

We’ve come to the end of the trends for Spring/Summer 2016! If you have any style questions or would like to share your thoughts, please email us at buttonmefancy@gmail.com or leave a comment on this post.

See you next week! Until then, stay stylish!



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