7 Spring Must-Have’s

Spring can be a tricky season when it comes to planning your wardrobe. It’s not quite hot, yet it’s not quite cold, so you want to have pieces that are versatile and that can carry you into Summer.

I’m all about effortlessly chic, so I’ve shared basic items that can easily fit into your wardrobe and style. I love bright colors so I would pair it with bright scarves, bright lips and bold accessories. Bandanna’s are also a great way to accessorize and bang on trend this season.

The 7 Spring must-have’s are:

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I love the look of light blue jeans. It’s fresh and reminds me of clear blue skies on a warm day. Find the style that’s right for you. At the moment, I’m particularly liking straight cut jeans because they look great with roll up’s and sandals for Spring. I also like white jeans, but if you’re still on the fence about white bottoms, have a look at my post on white pants.


Panama hats are known for their style and versatility. It’s the hat that compliments every face shape and can be worn with every outfit for every season. I love the classic white Panama, but the black one is also really stunning.


This item makes life so much easier! Don’t know what to wear? Just slip it on, add a few accessories and viola, you’re out the door! Shirt dresses with bold color and pattern are just as amazing, so definitely explore. The best thing about shirt dresses is that it looks good on every body shape, just make sure that the length is complimentary to your height.


So fresh and essential for every wardrobe. It’s the perfect canvas to create any look. When you’re looking for a white tee, make sure the quality and the fit is good. The last thing you want is to wear a washed out, stretched white tee that only lasts one season. I usually go for 100% cotton, they look the best, feel the best and wear the best.


Of course sunglasses! Finding the perfect pair for your face shape is key. It completes any outfit and escalates your style and confidence in a second. There’s no Spring or Summer without them.


Leather sandals are great for Spring. They are not only classically stylish, they are also very comfortable in hot weather. I love them in a neutral color because it’s more versatile and that’s exactly what you need, especially if you’re packing for a holiday!


Last, but definitely not least, the neutral leather tote. Again, neutral, just because it is so versatile and classically stylish. Its great for carrying your flip flops, sarong, sun block, basically everything you need on a lovely warm day.

These pieces are great building blocks for your wardrobe, so enjoy styling them with accessories that are uniquely you!

Happy Spring!

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