How to shape your eyebrows at home

The first time I had my eyebrows professionally done was for my Matric dance. I had it done the day before the dance by a beauty salon, what a huge blunder it turned out to be!

I have naturally full eyebrows but when I walked out of that beauty salon I had two lines for eyebrows! I think I cried all day! On the night of the dance I managed to disguise the disaster with eye makeup and I survived…

Eyebrows are so important. If done wrong, it can change the way you look…and not in a good way! If done right, it highlights your features! There are a few steps to get it just right in the comfort of your home, let’s check it out. Continue reading

Quiz: Which colours suit you best?

Have you ever noticed that you get compliments when you wear certain colours? “Oh, you look lovely in that red”, someone once told me. I took a closer look that day and I realised that the particular shade of red I was wearing gave me a healthy glow. “The glow”, as I call it, is one of the signs that you are wearing a colour that suits you.

Finding the right colours for yourself can be difficult and personal stylists are often brought on board.  Consider this blog post my colour consultation with you!  Continue reading