How to find your body shape

Why would anyone want to know their body shape?

Well, it helps you pick out clothing items that look best on you. To summarise – it saves you time and money when shopping. Soooo priceless!

Do you know your body shape and the kind of clothing you should be wearing? This blog post is a guide to help you do just that! Let’s get started *wink*

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A simple way to find out your body shape is by taking 3 simple measurements – shoulders, waist and hips. All you need is a tape measure, yourself and someone that can help you.

Make sure that the tape measure gets as close to your body as possible. Don’t wear a padded bra or lots of layers. A tight vest and tights will do.



  • Wrap the tape measure around the tip of your shoulders.
  • It should be high on your shoulders until it appears to be slipping off.
  • The measuring tape should be holding onto the pointy bone on the very top of your shoulder.


  • Wrap the tape measure around the smallest part of your waist, this should be just above your belly button.
  • If you’re struggling, bend to one side, the natural crease that forms will be your waist.


  • Stand with your feet together.
  • Wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your hips and bottoms.

Body Shapes

Now that you have your measurements, you can discover which body shape you have. Before we start, I just wanted to make sure that you know – there is no such thing as a bad body shape.

There are tons of models and stunning celebrities that fall into each category and I’ve mentioned a couple of them for each body shape. Google your body shape celebs and see how their clothes work for them. You can do the same!


You get 5 body shapes; hour glass (neat or full), apple, pear, inverted triangle and rectangle (lean column or normal rectangle).


Find your shape

  • Defined waist.
  • Your shoulder width is equal to your hip width or
  • Your shoulder width is different by less than 2.54cm compared to your hip width.
  • You can have a hourglass figure even if you are not very curvy (neat hourglass).
  • Celebrity examples: Marilyn Monroe and Kim Kardashian West

Ideal tops and bottoms

  • Ideal tops Deep V necklines. Tops that are fitted and nipped in the waist. Wrap style fronts. The hemline of your top should end above your bottom. Avoid anything boxy without shape. Also avoid stiff or bulky fabric.
  • Ideal bottoms Straight, pencil or bias cut skirts. Tailored and slim fit trousers look great.

Hour glass


Find your shape

  • Your waist measurement is wider than your shoulder width or
  • Your waist measurement is wider than your hip width.
  • Celebrity examples: Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Hurley

Ideal tops and bottoms

  • Ideal tops Deep V-neck or scoop necklines. Wrap style tops or straight long tunics that taper at the waist and ends below the bottom. Avoid boxy tops without shape.
  • Ideal bottoms Soft flare or wrap skirts. Bootleg or tailored front trousers. Avoid high-waisted bottoms.



Find your shape

  • Your shoulder width is less than your hip width (difference > 2.54cm’s).
  • Celebrity examples: Beyoncé Knowles and Shakira

Ideal tops and bottoms

  • Ideal tops Soft flouncy tops nipped in the waist. Open, wide necklines. Necklines and shoulders with design detail. Fitted tops that finish above or below the widest point of the hips & bum. Avoid halter tops and tops with raglan sleeves.
  • Ideal bottoms Soft A line skirts to the knee. Flat front, wide leg or boot cut pants. Avoid skinny trousers and design detail like gathers and pleats.



Find your shape

  • Your shoulder width is more than your hip width by more than 2.54cm’s. If it’s not more than 2.54cm’s, you have an hour glass body shape.
  • Celebrity examples: Naomi Campbell and Demi Moore

Ideal tops and bottoms

  • Ideal tops Halter or deep V necklines, no scooped necklines. Tops that are shaped at the waist. Avoid boxy or baggy tops and horizontal stripes.
  • Ideal bottoms Straight, bias cut, pleated, gathered or tiered skirts. Boot leg or slim cut pants. Avoid pencil skirts and skinny trousers.

Inverted triangle


Find your shape

  • No defined waist.
  • Your shoulder width is equal to your hip width or
  • Your shoulder width is different by less than 2.54cm compared to your hip width.
  • Celebrity examples: Natalie Portman and Cameron Diaz

Ideal tops and bottoms

  • Ideal tops Deep V, round and halter necklines. Fitted tops and scarf style tops with asymmetric hemline. Belts worn in the waist are great. Avoid busy necklines, crop tops and shapeless tops (tunics/kaftans).
  • Ideal bottoms Pencil, A-line, asymmetric or bias cut skirts. Skinny or straight leg bottoms. Avoid boxy midi skirts and low rise pants.


You can use you body shape and your complimentary colours to help with your wardrobe Spring clean!

Hope this post was helpful! Please leave us a comment below *wink*

Until next time, stay stylish!



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