5 ways to hide your winter belly

Is it me, or did a water bottle just sprout from my waist! It’s winter, what can I say?! I look for warmth in cupcakes, pizza and lots of hot chocolate…*shy face* but alas, we can still rock fashion! Here are my tops tips for making your winter belly look fabulous!

Did you know cupcakes make your clothes shrink!


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Tops to hide your winter belly


  • Go for blouses that that skim over the abdomen and taper at the hemline
  • Longer blouses tied lightly below the tummy are great
  • Rather wear tops out than tucked in 
  • Avoid bulky sleeves
  • Create a prominent shoulder line with shoulder pads (yip designers still use them but not the way they did in the 80’s of course!), wide lapels and horizontal collar styles (boat neck)
  • Darker blouses or blouses with pattern are preferable, however avoid horizontal stripes

Here are a few examples:

  • I love this burgundy blouse from Country Road, what a great colour for Winter! The style is perfect to hide your winter belly. A beautiful yoke highlights your shoulder line and the colour and flow slims the silhouette.
Burgandy blouse.png

Burgundy blouse

  • This wrap shirt from Witchery has a beautiful stripe that lengthens the torso. The tie around the waist can be done lightly below the tummy and will look great over a pair of jeans.
Stripe Witchery Shirt.png

Wrap tie stripe shirt

  • Last but not least a lovely white tunic from Witchery. If ever in doubt, you won’t go wrong with a tunic! Although darker colours are more complimentary, a pure white tunic is also very flattering. Just remember to make sure it’s not see through!
White tunic

White V neck tunic


  • Wear a swing coat and pair with tapered skirts/jeans. A swing coat is fitted on top and flares out from the waist. It’s great for Winter!
  • Long coats worn open, preferably with a darker or patterned top underneath. I adore the long double faced coat from Trenery.



Bottoms to hide your winter belly

Skirts and trousers

  • Pair recommended blouses with tapered skirts and trousers
  • Avoid skirts with full gathers and avoid trousers with pockets
  • Opt for elastic-waisted (oooo so comfy!) trousers and skirts to fit your waist, but remember to avoid bottoms that have fullness in the hips and thighs


  • Go for soft fabrics, gently gathered skirts are complimentary
  • Avoid bulky, stiff and shiny fabrics on the lower body

Here are some examples:

Milano night sky skirt.png

  • These ankle tie trousers from Witchery are perfectly tapered. Treggings and skinny jeans are also good options. With any pair, make sure that they go narrower toward the ankles and don’t add any bulk to your hips.


Belly friendly accessories

  • Draw attention upward with bold necklaces, earrings or scarves that end above the bust level. This is also a great way to add colour to your look.
  • Do not wear bold belts as they draw attention to your middle
  • Do not wear bags that hang below the bust e.g. a sling bag

Wearing the right blouse and accessories are key for a slim silhouette! Did you know the right combo can also make you look taller?!

“Own your flaws, don’t let them own you – Buttonmefancy”

Until next time, stay stylish



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