How to keep warm in style – 4 ways to style a coat

Have you ever frozen to death in the name of looking  fabulous? I certainly have! I remember the day I called it quits…I attended a Winter wedding and there I was, in my new feather light leopard print dress clutching desperately to my inadequate pashmina as the sun set. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wear animal fur, but I sure wished I had the leopard to keep me warm!

I’ve become more flexible with my outfits since then for sure! If the weather goes cold, my coats come out and I’ve 4 ways to glam up your ordinary coat for special occassions! Weddings, or fancy dinners, here are my 4 go to ways to glam up an otherwise ordinary coat.

Brooch it up

I have a collection of my mum’s vintage brooches and they have done me a lot of favors! My rule, the fancier the event, the more I adorn *hair flip* A brooch, or two or three are are always welcome *grin* If you’re adding more than one, make sure that they compliment each other and are not too busy. If you only have bold pieces, one would be perfect too. Most importantly, try out all the options and find what you like best!

Brooch and coat - Blogin Lovin

Blogin Lovin

Chic layering

I love scarves…oh and did I mention I love scarves! Layering a delicate scarf over your classic trench instantly ups the chic factor. I love how you can add colour and femininity by draping it around your neck. Pair this look with a dress (preferably the same length as the coat), sexy heels and a clutch for a very stylish evening out.

Scarf over


Leather lux

I  looooove swapping out my coat’s fabric belt for something a bit more fun, but my favourite of all…a leather belt. This look is a total bond girl moment! The leather belt doesn’t have to be broad, it can also be a thin belt. You could also layer 2 or 3 thin belts, depending on the look you’re going for.

coat belt Vogue Australia.png

Vogue Australia

Neck candy

Add some bling! I love a coat with a simple collar that allows for a bold neck piece. The combination of the necklace and the belt really makes a statement if you’re in the mood for a fashion moment! Now this is what I should have worn to that Winter wedding! This look is right on the money!

fashion gone rouge

Fashion Gone Rouge

Why do I love coats? Number 1, they’re warm and I like to be warm, mmmmmm…number 2 they are one of the 5 Winter wardrobe essentials and number 3, they are great Winter dresses that can be dressed up for any occassion! If it’s too cold to wear as a dress, pair them with a great pair of skinny trouser. Hey, even sparkly pants would be amazing with any one of these coats!

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Until next time, stay stylish!



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