How to wear sparkly pants

This post is really for all women that have fallen in love with a “crazy” piece of clothing…You’re not sure if it’ll fit into your wardrobe, but you want it anyway! I’m sure you know what I’m talking about *wink*

Sooo, I have a confession to make…It happened to me…again…I treated myself to a pair of sparkly pants! You heard me…sparkly pants! *giggle*

I came across sequined leggings while I was shopping online and immediately started drooling…Given my shopaholic ways, I slept on it.

I gave it a week… but I slept, ate and dreamed sparkly pants! I knew it was true love and we had to be together, so I rushed off to H&M to get it!

HM Sequin leggings

How gorgeous?! Are you drooling too?!

How to wear sparkly pants like a boss

There is one simple rule: Keep it simple. That being said, a pop of colour or print here or there would be great too.

Sequined pants, or anything sequined for that matter, are usually associated with nights out or events that you dress up for. Yes, it makes quite a statement as evening wear, but it can totally be rocked for day time too.

Here are a few of my favourite looks!

Look 1

I paired my sequined leggings with a basic white tee (both from H&M), thick woolly cardi (Woolworths) and black patent leather loafers (Hush Puppies). This look is perfect for running errands, lunch with friends or even a movie date.

Look 2 

For another casual look, pair sequined leggings with a fitted denim shirt, leopard print loafers and black handbag. It’s perfect for afternoon tea with your girlfriends!


Look 3

Also great for running errands. I love this cute sequined jumper. A black handbag and sneakers make this look perfect for day time.

Look 4

A red knit jumper, classic white shirt, sequined leggings and black heels. A great look for an evening birthday dinner. Or, swap out the heels for sneakers for a casual day time look.

Look 5

Of course, we cannot forget about evening looks! I love the classic black suit. Update the look with a modern black blazer, sequined leggings and a pair of red heels that pop! The look is great for a formal evening event.

Look 6

Go big or go home! Embrace the sparkle with a full sequin outfit. The sequined blouse is a mix of silver and gold. I love this look for a glamorous evening out. Simple black heels and clutch finish off the look. If you’re going this bold, keep your makeup simple. A smokey eye and nude lip will go well with this look.


One last tip! Sequined items come in black, gold, silver , blue, green and various other colours. With a bold item like this, be sure to know which colours look best on you before shopping. The right colours will give you a healthy glow, no pun intended, haha!

Hope you enjoyed the sparkly pants adventure with me! I have a classic style, but I love the personality that unexpected items bring to my wardrobe. For me it exudes fun and confidence, and who wouldn’t love a sprinkle of some of that!

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Until next time, stay stylish!



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