How to create 26 looks with 10 items you already own

So you may have tons of clothing in your wardrobe, but nothing to wear! I think all women feel like this! I started playing around with 10 items from my wardrobe and surprisingly, I felt like I had plenty to wear! Try these 5 easy steps, and make 10 pieces of your wardrobe work for you too! 

The outfits I’m going to show you are perfect for the office, but you can totally use the same principles to put together more casual looks. Here we go…


Choose 4 items from your wardrobe in the same neutral colour e.g. black, white, navy, beige. In this step we’re going with black.



Now choose, again in the same neutral colour:

If you’re going with black in Step 1, beige, olive, grey or white goes well. This suit is from the designer label Tibi in silk crepe, but I found a good alternative for both the blazer and trousers at Studio. W.


Choose a skirt or pants and top in the colour of your choice. I’ve chosen:



Next, choose:

Use this step to add some pattern and interest! The top and bottom should ideally be the same print. If you don’t have something like this in your wardrobe, choose prints that go together or a top and bottom that are the same colour.  The print or colour you choose should go well your items from Step 1 to 3 for more versatility.

This matching vest and trousers are from Spree!


Step 1 to 4 helped you choose 5 bottoms, 3 tops and 2 jackets. Now it’s time to mix and match! The colour palettes I chose are very neutral, which isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s the perfect canvas to add your personal style with bold accessories and shoes.

Create different outfits by wearing all your bottoms with each top and alternating between the two jackets.

Here are 26 different ways to pair these 10 items!

Look 1 Black blazer, black trousers and black blouse. Accessorise with a fun scarf. Nude or black shoes work with this outfit.

Look 2 Same as Look 1, but swap out the black trousers for the black skirt. Wear red shoes and scarf to give it a new pop of colour.

Look 3 Black trousers, black blouse and camel blazer. We’ve swapped out the black blazer in Look 1 and 2 and added another scarf.

Look 4 Swap out the black trousers in Look 3 for the black skirt and change up your shoes and scarf for a new look.

Look 5 A repeat of Look 1, but with the white shirt instead of the black blouse. Definitely wear a fun scarf and shoes to add some personality to this classic look.

Look 6 A repeat of Look 2 with a white shirt instead of the black blouse. Again wear a bright coloured shoe and scarf!

Look 7 A repeat of Look 3 with a white shirt instead of a black blouse.

Look 8 A repeat of Look 4 with a white shirt instead of a black blouse.

Look 9 Natural blazer, natural trousers and black blouse. Use a scarf to tie in the black and natural shade.

Look 10 Natural blazer and trousers and white blouse. Use a scarf to add interest.

Look 11 Natural blazer, white trousers and black blouse. The natural shoes will connect the natural blazer to the look.

Look 12 Natural blazer, white trousers and white blouse.

Look 13 Black blazer, white trousers and white blouse. Wear black shoes and a scarf with touches of black to tie in the look.

Look 14 Printed top and trousers and natural blazer.

Look 15 Printed top and trousers and black blazer. Black heels complete the look.

Look 16 Printed top and trousers. Use a natural toned scarf as a shawl if it gets cold.

Look 17 Printed top, black trousers and black blazer. Black heels complete the look.

Look 18 Printed top, black skirt and black blazer. Tie it in with black heels.

Look 19 Printed top, natural trousers and blazer.

Look 20 Printed top, white trousers and black blazer. Tie the black blazer in with a pair of black heels and black handbag.

Look 21 Printed top, white trousers and natural blazer.

Look 22 Printed trousers with white shirt.

Look 23 Printed trousers with the black blouse and black blazer.

Look 24 Printed trousers with the white shirt and black blazer.

Look 25 Printed trousers with the black blouse and natural blazer.

Look 26 Printed trousers with white shirt and natural blazer.


Tada! There you have it,  26 outfits from 10 items! In fact you could create more looks by simply changing your shoes, handbags, scarves and jewelry.

Use this method and go through all your clothing, 10 items at a time. It’s a great way to make sense of what you have and discover new outfits without spending a cent!

You’ll also have a clear idea of what works for you, which helps to save money and time when you shop and get rid of any items that don’t belong in your wardrobe! With practice, you’ll be an outfit guru in no time!

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Until next time, stay stylish!



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