How to shape your eyebrows at home

The first time I had my eyebrows professionally done was for my Matric dance. I had it done the day before the dance by a beauty salon, what a huge blunder it turned out to be!

I have naturally full eyebrows but when I walked out of that beauty salon I had two lines for eyebrows! I think I cried all day! On the night of the dance I managed to disguise the disaster with eye makeup and I survived…

Eyebrows are so important. If done wrong, it can change the way you look…and not in a good way! If done right, it highlights your features! There are a few steps to get it just right in the comfort of your home, let’s check it out.

 Step 1 Mark the boundaries of your brow

 There are 3 key points you need to identify before you start; where your eyebrow begins, where your eyebrow arches and where your eyebrow ends:

Photo 2016-04-07, 8 33 05 PM

Left (eyebrow begins), Center (eyebrow arch), Right (eyebrow ends)

  • Where your eye brow begins – Use an eye pencil as a ruler and put it parallel and against the upper bridge of your nose (left image). Where the pencil crosses your brow, this is where your eyebrow should begin. Mark it with white eye pencil or brow pencil.
  • Where your eye brow arches – Use the eye pencil to run a line from side of your nostril (center image) through your pupil (make sure that you’re looking straight ahead of you). This line will mark the point at which the arch of your eyebrow must be.
  • Where your eye brow ends – Lastly, use the eye pencil to run a line from the side of your nostril to the outside corner of your eye (right image) and mark the point where your eyebrow should end.

 Step 2 Fill in the gaps

fill 2

Determine the thickness of the brow

To determine the fullness of your brow, use your tweezers as a ruler and run a line at the bottom of your brow – from the point where your eye brow begins to where your brow arches. Fill in any gap between the tweezer and the bottom of the brow using brow pencil and light feather strokes.

Use your tweezers as a ruler again and run a line on the top of your brow parallel to the bottom line, still following the natural shape of your eyebrow. Fill in any gap between the tweezer and the brow using brow pencil and light feather strokes.

Now fill in the rest of the brow using light feather strokes and sticking to the guide marks from Step 1. For light brows, use a brow pencil that is 2 shades darker than your hair, for dark brows use 1 shade lighter.

A common mistake is to start the arch of the eyebrow too close to the bridge of nose. Make sure to follow the natural curve of the brow and taper it off at the end.

Open spaces

A common eyebrow shaping mistake Photo cred:

Step 3 Brush in place

Use clear gel to keep the hairs in place. Use the gel sparingly, too much of it will make your eyebrows look heavy and unnatural. Take a look in the mirror and make sure you are happy with the shape.

You may find the shape you’ve outlined thicker than you are used to, but over-tweezing should be avoided. Very thin eyebrows, are outdated and can give your face an unnatural “shocked” look. Using the natural shape of your eyebrow as a guide will give you the best result.

Step 4 Pluck

Now that you have a good outline, stray hairs will stick out like a sore thumb. Remove all the stray hairs at the bottom of the brow. Remember not to pluck hairs above the brow unless you are a professional. Over plucking the top line of the brow can distort the shape completely.

Keeping your brows neat with a natural shape will highlight your features and keep you looking fresh.

Now that you have perfect brows, enhance them with an easy natural day look or a smokey eye evening look.

Until next week, stay stylish.



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