Quiz: Which colours suit you best?

Have you ever noticed that you get compliments when you wear certain colours? “Oh, you look lovely in that red”, someone once told me. I took a closer look that day and I realised that the particular shade of red I was wearing gave me a healthy glow. “The glow”, as I call it, is one of the signs that you are wearing a colour that suits you.

Finding the right colours for yourself can be difficult and personal stylists are often brought on board.  Consider this blog post my colour consultation with you! 

Before you jump into the colour analysis quiz, I wanted to give you an idea of how a colour analysis works.

What is an undertone?

Your colouring is based mainly on the undertone of your skin. What is an undertone? Well, it’s the colour that lies beneath your skin. People often mistake it for your skin tone but skin tone can change with age, whereas your undertone doesn’t.

There are 3 undertones, yellow (Warm-toned), pink/blue (Cool-toned) or neutral (Mid-toned).

What colour season are you?



Colour analysis chart – http://akheadshots.com/

Your undertone, together with your eye and natural hair colour will put you into one of 5 colour categories, Warm Spring (yellow undertone with light colouring), Warm Autumn (yellow undertone with deep colouring), Cool Summer (pink/blue undertone with light colouring), Cool Winter (pink/blue undertone with light colouring) and Mid-toned (neutral and usually with light colouring).

Light colouring means light hair, eyes and skin. Deep colouring means dark hair and eyes but your skin colour may vary from pale to dark brown.

Why know which which colours suit you?

After I do a colour analysis on women, most of them discover new colours that they never thought they could wear. New colour options are exciting and a great way to liven up your wardrobe.

You also started saving time and money shopping for clothing and accessories. Not only does this make your shopping experience more pleasant but it also makes your wardrobe more versatile. By limiting the neutrals and colours you shop for, mixing and matching becomes easier because more items of your wardrobe can be worn together.

Knowing your colours is amazing when organising your wardobe. It helps you get rid of clothing that doesn’t enhance your features.

Colour quiz

It’s quiz time! When you get the results to your quiz, the colour category/season with the highest percentage will be yours. Let’s start the quiz –> Which colours suit you best?

Did you enjoy the quiz? Now that you know where you fit in, here’s the low down on every colour season:

Warm toned

Warm toned people usually have a low to medium contrast between their hair, skin and eyes, and have a harmonious appearance.

As mentioned in our quiz results, colours with a yellow undertone suit your best. Neutrals like brown, beige, khaki, camel, olive green and cream compliments your warm colouring. When it comes to jewelry, stick to gold or brassy jewelry, it will highlight the warm tone of your skin.


Warm hair colour

Warm toned – hair colour

Send me the Warm-toned Colour Guide.


Warm Spring people have a yellow (warm) undertone and light colouring (light hair, skin and eyes). These are the soft/muted colours with a yellow undertone that are most complimentary:

Warm Spring colours

Warm Spring – Colour palette

My favourite colours for Warm Spring are Autumn or earthy colours like lemon, salmon and coral.

Download the Warm-toned colour guide.


Warm Winter people have a yellow (warm) undertone with deep colouring (dark hair, dark eyes). Remember, deep colouring does not necessarily mean darker skin. Bright colours with a yellow undertone compliment your deep you best, like these:


Warm Autumn 2

Warm Autumn – Colour palette

My favourite colours for Warm Autumn are Autumn or earthy colours like tomato red, dark tobacco, rust, mustard, warm burgundy, orange, lime green and teal.

Download the Warm-toned colour guide.

Cool toned

Cool toned people usually have a medium to strong contrast between their hair, skin and eyes. As mentioned in our quiz results, colours with a blue undertone suit your best. Neutrals like black, white, navy, taupe and grey compliments your cool colouring. Also, stick to silver or gunmetal jewelry, it will enhance your skin tone.

Cool hair colour

Cool toned – hair colour


Cool Summer people have a blue or pink (cool) undertone toned and light colouring (light hair, skin and eyes). Soft or muted colours with a blue undertone compliment you best, like these:

Cool Summer

Cool Summer – Colour palette

My favourite colours for Cool Winters are icy colours like ice blue, baby pink and pale lilac.

Download the Cool – toned colour guide.


Cool Winter people have a blue or pink (cool) undertone toned and deep colouring (dark hair, dark eyes). Deep colouring isn’t limited to having darker skin, you can also be fair with deep colouring because of your dark hair and eyes. Bright jewel colours with a blue undertone are suit you best, like these.

Cool colours - Winter

Cool Winter – Colour palette

My favourite colours for Cool Winters are emerald green, deep turquoise, royal blue, shocking pink, cardinal purple and blue red.

Download the Cool – toned colour guide.


Mid-toned people often have quite low contrast between their hair, eyes and skin and can look washed out without make-up. Mid-toned people often have light colouring (blonde hair) and fall into the Summer category. The same colour pallete of soft or muted colours with a blue undertone apply rather than colours with a yellow undertone.

Hot pink, lavender, lemon, aqua, sage green, apple green, watermelon, periwinkle, blue and taupe. Plums, soft blues, purples, pinkish burgundy and warm clear pastels such as powder pink and blue will suit you as well.

Mid-toned colours

Avoid very cool colours such as cardinal purple and royal blue, soft pale pastels and dirty colours like beige and khaki.

Stick to neutrals like white, navy, taupe and grey. When it comes to jewelry, both gold and silver jewelry looks good on you!

Download the Mid – toned colour guide.

How do you know you’ve chosen the right colour?

The right colours will enhance your eyes, hair and light up your skin, giving your complexion a healthy radiant glow aka “The glow”. It will also make you more noticeable than the colour. You can test this by squinting at yourself in the mirror, what catches your attention first? Your face or the colour you’re wearing? If it’s your face, you’re bang on! If it’s the colour, move on!

The wrong colour will emphasise dark circles under your eyes, make your eyes and teeth look slightly yellow, make your hair look dull and lifeless, make you look tired and unwell and make you less noticeable than the colour.

What about black?

Even though black may not be in your colour palette there are ways to make it work.Black is a very popular colour but it can be too harsh for some people.

If you’re Warm Spring, black isn’t your best neutral, but if you must, make sure that you wear dark makeup to tie it all in. Remember your recommended neutrals like brown, khaki and olive green are great options too. After you notice how much better you look in your own neutrals, you’ll be like, black what?!

If you’re Cool Summer or Mid-toned, black may overpower your light colouring. Be sure to wear dark makeup to balance it out, you’ll looked washed out without it.

If you’re Cool Winter or have dark brown or black hair or eyes, black is right up your ally!

Final words on colours and your wardrobe

You may not like some colours in your colour palette and that’s ok. Personally, I’m not fond of brown or anything orange but it just so happens to be 2 of the colours I look good in.

To get the best out of your colour analysis is to not let your likes and dislikes affect the process. Identify your colour range and then decide on which ones you will incorporate. After all, it’s not a good idea to fill your wardobe with every recommended colour. In fact, your wardobe will be more versatile if you choose 2 neutrals and 3-4 accent colours.

Narrowing down your favourites will also make shopping, mixing and matching, accessorising and adding colour to your wardobe much simpler. Remember, your colour palette also applies to your makeup, especially the lip colour you apply.

The truth is, you probably have a good sense of which colours suit you best. Doing a colour analysis just confirms the list of colours that looks good on you and helps you weed out the colours that don’t.

A lot to take in I’m sure! If you have any questions feel free to leave your comments below or email me at buttonmefancy@gmail.com.

Until next week, stay stylish!



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