8 weekend looks with one black dress for Autumn

Style shouldn’t be hard, it should be all you and although it may be a struggle to get variety from your wardrobe, all you need is a little guidance. Don’t underestimate the versatility of the items you already own. All the looks below could probably come out of your wardrobe right this minute! If you don’t have all the exact items, you can easily substitute them and use these 8 looks as inspiration to create your own.

A good place to start is a black dress!The simpler the dress, the more versatile. In my experience my sleeveless black dress, that’s just over the knee, has given me lots of different looks.  All I do is change up an item or two. You could totally do the same!

Photo 2016-02-23, 10 45 11 PM

The little black dress

8 easy looks with one black dress for Autumn

You’ll notice that all the looks have a similar colour scheme. Buying clothing that have similar colours make your pieces more versatile. All 8 looks use 1 black dress of course and:

  • 3 pairs of shoes: Black and white sneakers, black flat long boots and zebra and black loafers.
  • 3 handbags: 1 tote bag and 2 sling bags all in neutral colours. The style of bag will depend on your personal style.
  • 4 tops: 2 black tops, 1 to wear over the black dress (woven splice top) and 1 that can be worn under the black dress (fitted black top). The third top is also a splice top but it’s black and white. The fourth top is a simple olive v-neck tee.
  • 5 cover-ups: Black leather jacket, chunky nude jersey, casual trench coat, waterfall cardigan and an olive casual waistcoat.



These 8 easy looks is enough to last you for every weekend in the first month of Autumn! A great addition would be a classic watch, simple earrings and a great pair of sunglasses. The sun still shines in Autumn!

You’ll notice that all the looks have a similar colour palette and this essential to get more looks out of your wardobe. If you’re not crazy about all the neutrals, you can easily add more colour to your looks with accessories.

You could easily get a few more outfits out of the items above. Can you put one together? Leave a comment and tell me which items from these 8 looks you’ll combine to make a 9th look. You can do it!

Until next week, stay stylish!



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2 thoughts on “8 weekend looks with one black dress for Autumn

  1. nuri says:

    Love the clothing displayed above great i dea to say which stores one visir to purchase to get the same look and field .
    Any new designs you have coming up in the next few months.


    • buttonmefancy says:

      You can shop all these items at all Woolworth stores across South Africa. Yes, our launch collection is in the pipe line! Looking forward to it! Will keep you posted on launch dates with our newsletters 🙂


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