How to plan outfits for a week

If there’s one way to get more sleep in the morning, it’s to know what you’re wearing for the day! Now, who wouldn’t want more sleep?! I’ve been back at work for a little over a month now and I still can’t get out of bed in time to avoid the frantic rush of getting ready!

Although planning outfits for the week may sound daunting, it’s not very hard with this guide. I’m excited to share it with you, so let’s get started!

Step 1 To do list

What are your plans for this week? Will you be at the office, working from home, running errands, meeting friends, hosting a dinner? Keep this in mind as you go through the steps as it will set the tone for your outfits for the week.

Step 2 Weather ready

Check out the 7 day weather forecast and keep it handy as you plan your looks!

Step 3 Bottoms up

Choose 2 pants, 2 skirts and 2 dresses. For the 7th day you can decide on either an extra pants, skirt or dress, depending on how you feel. It doesn’t have to be this selection of course, if you only wear pants, choose 7 pants, if you only wear skirts, choose 7 skirts and if you only wear dresses, my work is done *giggle*.

Photo 2016-02-18, 8 52 41 PM

3 pants 2 skirts (Woolworths)

As an example, I’ll be at the office from Monday to Friday so I’ll go with 3 pants (black and grey trousers and dark wash jeans for casual Friday) and 2 skirts (Snake skin and black). Over the weekend I’ll go with 2 dresses, the white dress for a birthday party on Saturday and the relaxed black dress for a chilled Sunday.

Photo 2016-02-18, 8 51 16 PM

2 dresses (Woolworths)

If you get stuck choosing skirts or pants, here’s a guide on how to choose the most flattering bottoms.

Step 4 Top up

The next step is to choose the most flattering tops for your bottoms. In cooler weather, remember that a buttoned-up cardigan can be worn as a top too. I went with a pussy bow blouse, a white shirt with a paisley print, a plain white cotton shirt, white capped sleeve blouse and a snake skin blouse. I love classic, timeless blouses, they are so versatile and easy to wear.


Photo 2016-02-18, 8 48 39 PM

5 blouses for 3 pants and 2 skirts (Woolworths)

Step 5 Cover up

Choose 3 “cover ups ” to throw over your outfit if its chilly. Great options are blazers, cardigans and trench coats. I chose a black jacket, grey blazer and waterfall cardigan as an example for the looks below.

Step 6 Add personality

My absolute favourite part! Use accessories, shoes, bags and makeup to add interest. Confused about accessories? Keep it simple and choose 3 pairs of earrings and 3 pairs of shoes for the week.

Viola! You’ve planned your outfits for 7 days!

Still overwhelmed? Use my collage of looks from Monday to Sunday as a guide. The looks have a simple colour palette for you to start with. Add colour to these outfits with red lipstick and red nails.

Hope I’ve given you some inspiration for the upcoming week! Remember, practice makes perfect!

Having an organised wardrobe really helps you see everything you own, making the process easier. Your wardrobe should only be filled with things you love, things that fit, things you wear and things in good condition!

Until next week, stay stylish!



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