Easy smokey eye makeup tutorial

I always look for quick evening make-up looks, life’s just too short to spend hours on looking good, am I right?! So I came up with this easy smokey eye makeup look using a little face powder, two chunky eye pencils, blush and mascara. No eye shadow needed! You can also use this method to transform day makeup into night. If you’re heading to date night, a party or an evening event, this makeup look is perfect and only takes 5 minutes!

What you need for an easy smokey eye

  • Face powder
  • Blush
  • Black chunky eye pencil
  • Purple or brown chunky pencil
  • Mascara

Step by step smokey eye tutorial

Photo 2016-02-11, 4 33 49 PM.jpg

Step 1 Take some face powder and pat it gently under your eye. Make sure to put a generous amount very close to your bottom lash line to prevent eyeliner from smudging too much.

Step 2 Sweep your entire eyelid with blush, right to to the brow.

Step 3 Use your purple (or brown) chunky eye liner to cover your eye lid only. Apply generously but avoid applying it in the crease of your eye.

Step 4 Apply a thick line in the crease of your eye with black chunky eye liner. The darker you apply it, the more smokey the eye. If you do go darker, remember to apply the same amount of purple (or brown) in Step 3.

Step 5 Line your top eyelash very closely with your black chunky eye liner. Make sure not to go over your eyelid, keep the line thin. If the line isn’t coming out dark enough, use a thinner black eye pencil to darken it and get closer to the lash line.

Step 6 Line your bottom lash line very closely with your black chunky eye liner. Don’t make the line too thick, it should thin out as you get closer to your tear duct. If the line isn’t coming out dark enough, use a thinner black eye pencil to darken it. Make sure that the inside of your lower lash line has eyeliner on as well.

Step 7 Blend! Take your ring finger and lightly blend the black chunky line in the crease of your eye and on your upper and lower lash line. Be careful not to smudge it completely, the aim is to reduce the sharpness of the lines and to give it a smokey “eye-shadowy” effect. You can use a small makeup brush if it’s easier.

Step 8 Mascara, Mascara, Mascara!

Viola, you’re ready to dash out the door.

If you’re starting with a clean face, start with my natural makeup look video for the steps to apply face powder and blush before you apply your smokey eye.

This method is super easy and versatile. You can change the intensity for a daytime makeup look as well by applying less chunky eye pencil. A light application is perfect with outfits for overcast weather and to dress up flats for work.

I love easy makeup, especially an easy smokey eye!

Until next week, stay stylish!



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