5 items to solve wardrobe malfunctions away from home

Don’t you just love those mornings when your alarm doesn’t do what it’s supposed to?! You jump out of bed like a wild cat and realize you only have 10 minutes to get out the door!

Mornings like these make you overlook tiny details. You’re already at the office when you see a missing button, a broken strap or zip. All total disasters!

So let’s get into the 5 items you need to solve wardrobe malfunctions away from home. I call it the Oopsie Kit – scarf, stockings, safety pins, needle and thread and flat simple sandals.

Here’s how to use them!

The scarf

Perfect to cover a missing button, coffee spill on your shirt or broken top strap. Tie it around your neck and use it to cover what you don’t want to be seen. You can also use it to cover a broken fly zip or to keep your trousers up if a button pops off. Scarves are a great accessory too, so you’re killing two birds with one stone!


When you’re wearing stockings it’s always useful to carry an extra pair. They are very delicate and can tear quickly. They scrunch up small and easily fit into your bag. Stockings are not only stylish but great for when you forget to book your wax appointment *giggle*.

Safety pins 

Although a scarf can be used to hide the missing button, broken strap or zip, safety pins keep your goodies covered. If you don’t have a scarf, sure some people may miss the button but at least you’ll still have your mystery *wink*

Needle and thread

Great for broken zips on dresses, tears or a loose hems. Although it needs an extra moment, it’s the only solution in severe cases. Keep a small roll of black and white thread and sewing needle in a small pouch in your handbag. Sounds weird but it totally comes in handy!

Simple flat shoes

There’s nothing worse than when you’re strutting your stuff and suddenly your heel breaks! You go from hero to almost falling on your face and you wish you left those heels in your car from last week. I say keep a pair of heels in your car at all times for these kind of situations. If you’re not driving pack a simple pair of flat sandals that can easily fit in your handbag. Viola! What broken heel?

Hope the rest of your year is Oopsie free, but if it’s not you’ll definitely be prepared!

Until next time, stay stylish!



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