How to choose blouses that add cm’s to your height

The aim of the game is to draw the eye upwards to create length. This post gives you the final tips to last weeks post, “How to choose the most flattering skirts and pants” and will help you put together a complete outfit that lengthens and slims your silhouette.

Let’s get started!

Shopping tips for blouses

When it comes to blouses there are a few style details that create vertical lines along the torso drawing the eye upwards to create height.

V Neck line V neck tops, wrap blouses and button down shirts all create a flattering V.

Length Make sure that your tops stop at the hip line or above. If you do decide to wear a blouse longer, rather wear it tucked in or as a dress with leggings.

Style detail It’s impossible to only wear V necks to create vertical lines. Other style details will give your more options. Vertical stripes, jackets worn open and blazers with narrow lapels do the trick!

Colour Create upward focus with bright tops and accessories. Blouses that are in the same colour family as the skirt or trouser you choose, lengthens the silhouette the most. For the very best look avoid bold contrasting colours between the blouse and bottom you wear as it chops your body in half.

Fit A fitted top is better than a loose fitting top (depending on your body type) as it lengthens the silhouette. Cant find a good fit? Find a tailor, every lady needs one!

If you are into layers, make sure you’re layering right to have a more slimming effect. Stick to 2 layers and keep the fabrics light-weight.

A lot to take in but you’ll always have this blog post to refer to!

Until next week, stay stylish!



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