How to choose the most flattering skirts and pants

The aim of the game is to make your legs appear longer! Here are few things to remember when you’re shopping for bottoms, especially for those of us who are shorter.

Shopping tips


Waistline High waist skirts or trousers are the most flattering. The natural waistline also works, but I would avoid skirts or trousers that rest on the hip, it shortens your legs instantly.

Length The length of skirts or dresses should either be full length or just on or over the knee. Short skirts are also very flattering, but not always appropriate. More leg is great, but always remember to keep it tasteful. Avoid mid calf length and items that stop at the ankle, it makes your legs appear shorter.

Style detail Vertical detail is key when it comes to bottoms and creating height. Fly closures, pleats and vertical stripes will draw the eye down and lengthen the silhouette. Avoid horizontal style details like border print hemlines, trouser cuffs and hip yokes.

Fit The shorter you are the more perfect the fit needs to be. A tailor is key! Items that are worn closer to the body is better for lengthening the silhouette. Loose fitting clothing can sometimes overwhelm the frame and make you appear shorter. That said, make sure that your clothes aren’t too tight, it should skim the body, not cling to it.

Bottoms to create height

The most flattering bottoms are pencil skirts, maxi skirts or dresses, straight cut or wide legged pants with heels, preferably high-waisted. When you’re doing wide legged pants make sure to get the length right, only the tip of your shoe should be visible when you’re standing still.

A shout out to the tall ladies

You lucky thing you! You can practically wear anything! If you want to look even taller, our tips will help you look even taller! If you’re self-conscious about your height, you’ll have to do the exact opposite to chop off some cm’s. By the way, shouldn’t you be on a catwalk?!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s post!

Until next week, stay stylish.



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