Revive your favourite old item of clothing

We all have those items that we never want to let go of! They fit so well, feel so good and are perfect for your wardrobe. I call them “faves”. I know them all too well…so well, that I devised a plan to save them a few years ago and want to share it with you!

If you followed my 4-easy-steps-to-organise-your-wardrobe, chances are your old faves are packed away safely in the “I’m not ready pile” haha! If you were brave and actually tossed them, well done! You will find something to replace it!

So let’s start project “Save my Fave”…

Photo 2015-09-17, 8 42 11 PM


Best case scenario

Prevention is better than cure. At this stage your fave is still very much alive and you want to try preserve it as best you can! Make sure to get your washing instructions right – Follow care instructions, always wash like colors together, gentle/hand wash on medium temperature and allow clothes to air dry as much as possible (dryers kill fabric). These washing tips will make all your clothes last longer, not just your faves!

Also, a good habit would be not to wash them when they’re actually clean i.e. tossing items in the washing basket because you were too lazy to put it back in the cupboard…*giggle*…we all do it!

“So faded” scenario

As long as its only lost it’s color and not holier than thou, it still has hope! In this case, hope is called dye!

I have lost count as to how many times I’ve dyed my clothing at the dry cleaners. It’s great for clothing that were once bold or dark in color i.e. red, black, navy etc. Dyeing is actually really great for re-purposing as well, changing a white dress to a black or creating an ombré effect. I re-purposed my baby blue corduroy trousers (don’t judge, the fit was great and it was cool at the time). I dyed it chocolate brown and it lasted for a couple more winters.

Photo 2015-09-17, 9 02 26 PM

Two things to keep in mind – One, be open to trying new colors, the dry cleaners may not always have the color you want. Alternatively, you could source the color yourself and try it at home. Two, if it’s light in color and you want to go dark, the stitching may retain its original color.

“Gone to the dogs” scenario

So…it’s gone past faded…and maybe even holy…there’s still hope! In this case you’ll call on a trusty tailor/seamstress to make the exact same item of clothing for you! If you go this route, try buy the same/similar fabric. Take your item along with you to the fabric store so that they can assist you.

It may be worth the tailor/seamstress taking it apart and making a pattern for the style so that you can keep going back for more! I suggest you keep a copy of that pattern on file! Am I right?! I would!

Here’s to a future with our favourite things!

Do you have any more tips? Feel free to share and comment on this post!

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