Online shopping, a simple guide to find your perfect fit

On line shopping has become the latest trend! It’s a true gift from the shopping heavens, especially because you can do it from your couch! No more crowded malls, long queues on sale days and time wasted looking for your size.

What stops a lot of us from online shopping? The fear of getting our size wrong. Our mind starts spinning with return policies and refunds and we call it quits. I’m here to help! Here’s a simple guide to find your perfect fit when shopping online.

Know your body

Have your measurements taken and updated regularly. Get a professional to do it, perhaps a tailor or seamstress. Otherwise, get a friend to help you. It can get a bit awkward taking your own measurements.

Key measurements

Photo 2015-09-10, 9 57 18 PM

  • Bust Measure around the fullest part of your breasts, making sure that the tape is level at the back and not drooping. 
  • Waist Measure the narrowest part of your torso, it’s in between your last rib and your belly button. Again, make sure that the tape is level at the back and not drooping.
  • Hip Put the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips, where your hips and bottom protrude, make sure that the tape is level at the back and not drooping.
  • In Leg This measurement is for buying pants. Measure from the top of the inside of your leg to your ankle. Make sure you’re standing up straight.
  • If you’re shopping for shirts, you will need neck size as well. Sleeve length (tip of your shoulder to your wrist bone) is a nice to have if the size chart include the measurement, but most don’t.

Remember, contorting your body, by pulling your tummy in for example, won’t give you the right measurements, so be sure to relax and stand upright.

Apply your new found knowledge

Online stores that sell many brands like Spree, Mr Price and Net-A-Porter have size guides available. There’s usually an icon next to the size options when you view an item of clothing. Once you have your basic measurements you can easily use the size guide to get the right fit.

If your favorite store has an online shop and no size guide, you will need to pay it one more visit. Try on a few items to see what your ideal size is and stick to it when shopping online.

If you get it wrong

Before shopping online, read through the return policy and see if you’re comfortable with it. Most online stores collect items from you free of charge and refund you within a couple of days. It can really be as simple as that.

A word of advice

If you’ve paid a delivery fee and return items, the delivery fee may not be refunded, so make sure to clarify and be comfortable with the process before shopping online. Also, make sure to read up on delivery times so you can plan ahead, especially if you’re buying a gift!

This guide may not prevent all returns, you may not like the fabric or style, but it will definitely make the process easier. If you haven’t tried online shopping before and you want a little trial, try ordering something small, like a book. and are great to start with.

Photo 2015-09-10, 10 02 33 PM

I still enjoy good old trips to the mall with my sweet shopping caddy *giggle* , but online shopping is a nice option to have when you’re pressed for time. It can be very relaxing!

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