4 ways to wear flats to the office

Let’s be honest…nothing beats heels at the office, but it is possible to give your feet a rest and still look and feel professional!

Flats can be perceived as sloppy if not worn right, but I have a couple of tips to help you wear it like a pro!


There are two golden rules:

1. Stick to flats that are classic and chic. Color and print doesn’t hurt, but make sure to keep the style simple and the rest of your look neutral so that it still looks professional.

2. The pieces you pair it with must fit well and be structured with clean lines i.e. tailored pants, blazers, trench coats, crisp shirts, pencil skirts. Flowy or loose fitted clothing makes the look go casual instantly.

Here are 4 looks that I love pairing with flats…


Get the look: Three toned pump Mimco. Clothing Woolworths. Black pointed flats Sole Society.

The pieces are structured and classic, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Use printed or colored pants to match your personal style and add interest, but remember to always keep it simple with one bold piece per look.


Get the look: Trench coat Witchery. Dress H&M. Printed pointed flats Mimco.

The pieces, although not structured, are fitted. Fit is important to keep the look classic and chic. This look is feminine, which I love and the neutrals compliment the pointed flats beautifully. If you decide to wear printed flats, remember to keep the rest your pieces simple in color and style.


Get the look: Printed dress Witchery. Stone trench Witchery. Black pointed flats Sole Society.

Simple black and white pieces always look great. As you can tell, I’m a sucker for prints, especially leopard, but do try dresses with color blocking or bold colors. If you’re going bold, remember, once again, to keep the rest of the look toned down with neutral pieces.


Get the look: White suit Woolworths. Scarf Witchery. Black & white pointed flats Farfetch.

Go all white, with accents of black. This look is fresh and chic, a guaranteed power outfit. You can trade in the all white for all black as well, depending on your mood. In case you were wondering how to wear the scarf with a suit, simply let it hang around your neck. Alternatively, tuck the ends into your blazer so that it peeks out along your lapels.

It’s time to put my tips to the test and use them to create your own personal style!

Enjoy your ‘flat-shoe’ moments at the office!

Until next week…

Stay stylish.

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